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Wix Sexytime

Wix Sexytime, originally uploaded by planetwix.

OK so i was totally pulled in by the title, It reality this is all it does look pretty, even so its a great use of the Wix builder to layout the artwork.

And lets be honest who dosent like SEXY TIME

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Wix Competition Sushi Restraunt

So here is the first entry i do like this and looking at the voting i think this is going to be the winner.

Great widget layout and use of the Wix image effects, great example of how Wix can be used to promote all sorts of cool stuff in really original ways.

No matter what site this was embedded into it could be updated from the Wix.com editor


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Vote in the Wix Competition

Voting is under way in the Wix design competition head over to the Wix.com blog to find out how to cast your vote.

I'll be featuring the entrys on Planet Wix over this weekend.

Vind out how to cast your vote at Wix.com

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Save the teen titans - WIX

Savetheteamtitans_wix, originally uploaded by planetwix.

I love this Wix, probably one of the most under rated cartoons of the modern age Save the Teen Titans features fan videos, art, and letters.

Big thumbs up to Save the Teen Titans for this kick ass Wix.

If you want to recommend a Wix drop me a comment.

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Emergency Productions

108610202732-My-Desktop, originally uploaded by planetwix.
Just found this kickass Wix, promoting a record label, great use of the Wix minisite, props to DJ Emergency , Element and GhostWrider

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Wix TIPs: Avoid loosing items when editing - A top Wix Tip

Here is my first Wix Tip

Ok so we all know that right now Wix has no undo option, bummer if you loose all your work during an edit.

Ok so here is a simple workaround that will minimise the damage, if your like me and are forever forgeting to save or if your just trying out a change and dont want to over write something else get into the habit of using the rightclick > copy command the page elements you are about to edit.

That way if you mess up you can just rightclick > paste the items back in.

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Wix for Brian Hargrave

Picture 1, originally uploaded by planetwix.

A very cool wix worth checking out, his use of images is really cool

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Power of scribefire

lets see how well this works to create a blog post using scribe fire.

Below is a random Wix i like:

Flash Widgets - Wix.com

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Hello and welcome,

If you don't already know Wix is a very cool online flash builder that allows you to make widgets, Myspace layouts, cool websites and all sorts of crasy stuff.

It's fricken amazing, anyway i wanted to highlight some of the cool Wix Ive found and also lend some tips to people that might be just getting started with Wix.

I will also be pointing out forum posts over at the main Wix site that users might find helpful.

So here is the first wix i really love:

Flash Widgets - Wix.com

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